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CRESCENDO #makemusicnotwar - Peace Cinema Prize winner film is at Padova at Multisala Pio XI

The highly anticipated film Crescendo - #makemusicnotwarby Israeli director Dror Zahavi was released on 27 August at the cinema and will be shown in Padova at the MPX MULTISALA PIO X cinema. ...

Last update 7 Sep 2020
Representatives of minority of Gagauz people in Ukraine.

Minority rights

The modern Ukraine іs a multinational Country with representatives of more than 130 nationalities living in its territory. As recorded in the 2001 census, the main minority groups include Russians ...

Last update 2 Jan 2015

Decoding the Language of War

Pietro de Perini (2004)

Articolo / Saggio

Last update 5 Oct 2010