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Wrap a present, give a future! Oxfam 2020
[Events and Updates]

Recruitment of volunteers for the Oxfam fundraising campaign

Oxfam Italia is looking for volunteers in the Province of Padua for the Christmas campaign "Wrap a present, give a future 2020". One of Oxfam's main areas of intervention is humanitarian ...

Last update 14 Nov 2020
Sign in which is written "Water is a human rights".

Human Rights, Water and Development: what role for the United Nations?

Fabiana Adamo, holds a master's degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova. She is currently a Universal Civil Service volunteer in Tunisia for CEFA ...

Last update 27 Aug 2019

Water as Human Right and Commons: Themes and Practices in the Italian Water Movement

Emanuele Fantini (2012)

Articolo / Saggio

Last update 9 Jan 2014
A Sudanese student drinks and washes her face at a new water fountain in a primary school for girls

The effects of the production and the use of agrofuels on human rights: the indigenous peoples’ right to natural resources

The indigenous peoples' right to own and possess their territories extends to natural resources. The ILO Convention No. 169 specifies that the term 'land' used in Article 14 of the Convention is ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011
Arid land

The effects of the production and the use of agrofuels on human rights: the right to water

The entire production cycle of agrofuels, from sowing to processing, requires a great amount of water: both for irrigation of crops and the phases of processing raw materials to obtain oil or gas. ...

Last update 19 Apr 2012
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The right to water

Water is the essential resource for life and every human being has the right to access to water necessary for his/her basic needs. Nevertheless, the international human rights law, surprisingly, is ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011