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Diritti umani per le persone con disabilità

Giampiero Griffo (2005)

Issued in:

Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 3/2005

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: Article / Essay


: 37-61


: IT


Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities Giampiero Griffo

In the last thirty years a new vision concerning persons with disabilities was developed. The vision moves from a medical model to a social model of disability, based on the human rights paradigm. International bodies and agencies have produced documents, strategies and programmes to promote citizenship rights and social inclusion of persons with disabilities. This process has landed at the United Nations, where a draft UN Convention of the rights of persons with disabilities is being discussed at the Ad Hoc Committee appointed by UN General Assembly. Such new international legal instrument on human rights will produce a deep cultural and political revolution, based on non discrimination, equal opportunities and full participation of persons with disabilities. A fundamental role in carrying out this specific standard setting process is played by the disabled people organisations, which actively participate in the drafting work of the Ad Hoc Committee. The disabled people movement, and Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI) in particular, contribute with their initiatives to a democratisation process of the UN system, putting on the agenda the question of full inclusion for all. It is an important contribution to the debate on the inclusive societies for all human and cultural diversities.

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