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L'approccio human rights alla questione del traffico di persone a scopo di sfruttamento sessuale

Paola Degani (2004)

Issued in:

Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 3/2004

Publication Typology

: Article / Essay


: 71 - 102


: IT


The human rights approach to the issue of trafficking human beings for purpose of sexual exploitation
Paola Degani

The trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation is an international, organized, criminal phenomenon that has grave consequences for the safety and human rights of its victims. It is one of the fastest-growing areas of violation of international human rights law of women and children that are increasingly trafficked within and across borders. In the course of trafficking they are subject to a gradual and total destruction of personal identity and of the right to live as a free human being in a civilized society. Victims are subjected to every type of violence, humiliation and violation of personal integrity. Trafficking of women and girls is a denial of important rights such as the right to liberty and security of the person, the right to freedom from torture, violence, cruelty or degrading treatment, the right to a home and a family, the right to education and employment, the right to health care – everything that makes life with dignity. Trafficking has been rightly referred to as a modern form of slavery. Due to its global dimension, trafficking requires a concerted international response. Trafficking in women and girls for sexual exploitation has been a long-standing concern of the international community and the United Nations. The essay contains an investigation about the human rights and gender based approach to prevent and combat trafficking in women and girls. Effective responses to this trade require holistic, interdisciplinary and long-term approaches based on human rights paradigma as fundamental perspective of human security.

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