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Politiche per l’infanzia e nuove esperienze di monitoraggio dei diritti e del benessere dei bambini

Valerio Belotti (2009)

Issued in:

Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 2/2009

Publication Typology

: Article / Essay


: 7-28


: IT


Policies Advocating for Children and New Monitoring Experiences with the
Rights and Welfare of Children

Valerio BelottiIn the past two decades, especially since the adoption of the CRC in 1989, there has been a progressive diffusion of testing monitoring activities on the social condition of children, based on certain social indicators. These are studies and experiences which have originated and have been consolidating in the different contexts of the planet, and are driven by four main factors: the emerging of awareness that the child is a competent subject in relation with others in actual «generational structures»; the asserting of the child as a subject of law; the recognition of childhood as a permanent structural element of society; the «politicisation» of childhood and the consequent development of new dedicated services and interventions.
This essay reviews some of the most significant experiences and em - phasizes the need of placing side by side these experiences with the traditional institutional monitoring activities provided for in the CRC. What is at stake is the construction of new instruments which may contribute to increasing the reflectivity of the actors who realise interventions in favour of children, and sustaining the reflections of the political decision-makers who are attentive to the need to rethink welfare whether in gender or generational terms.

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