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Problems of the rights of peoples: their historical and practical significance

Messanvi Foli (1991)

Issued in:

Pace, diritti dell'uomo, diritti dei popoli (numero speciale/1991)

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: Article / Essay


: 95-106


: EN


The concept of human rights and the rights of peoples has undergone many variations in time and space. 

In time, in the sense that the eighteenth century conception of human rights and the rights of peoples is not necessarily the same as that of the twentieth century.

In space, inasmuch as the English, American or French conceptions are not the same; the difference would be even more noticeable if the concepts of this group were compared to those of the so-called totalitarian regimes, not to speak of the African concept of human rights.

Apart from these differences of temporal and spatial conception, there are also variations according to the different branches of the human sciences (in the broadest sense of the term). Thus the view of the lawyer may differ from that of the sociologist or the anthropologist or the politicai scientist, etc. [...]


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