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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): dangerous to our health? University of Padova, May 4, 2016

Susan George, American and French political and social scientist, activist and writer on global social justice, Third World poverty, underdevelopment and debt. President of the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam; Honorary President of Attac France; author of “Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations Are Seizing Power.”

Audio playlist

01 Antonio Papisca, Unesco Chair Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, University of Padua - 3.83 MB
02 Roberto De Vogli, Associate Professor in Global Health and Psychology, University of Padua and University of California Davis - 7.53 MB
03 Susan George, scienziato politico e sociale, americana e francese, attivista, scrittrice - 48.74 MB