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Sexuality and spinal cord injury. Heterosexual women

Mandy Hooper (1993)

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: Spinal Injuries Association


: London


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You may be reading this booklet with little experience of sexual activity as yet or
you may have the benefit of experience behind you. This booklet has been written
in a frank, open manner and is therefore explicit. Much of the information
contained has come from spinal cord injured women themselves.
The lack of up to date relevant information on sexual matters is a real problem.
Often, it is the sharing of women's experiences which helps to dispel myths, stir
thoughts and provide the opportunity to grow in self-determination and confidence.

Sex is an intimate pleasure, don't be afraid to experiment and most of all,
don't forget to keep your sense of humour.

If you would like contact with another spinal cord injured woman to talk about any
sexual concerns you have, SIA could put you in touch with someone. If it is
difficult for you to do this personally at present because you are in hospital, living
with family or in residential care, a friend or partner could contact us on your behalf
or for some support and information themselves.
The very fact that you are reading this will mean that you are seeking knowledge
and clarification about many aspects of sex. Take from it what is relevant to you
and adapt it to suit your needs and wants. Whatever your situation, age or sexual
experience, we hope that this booklet will inform, reassure and encourage you to
enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Sex was never mentioned to me in the Spinal Unit - until I returned to the
Unit after a weekend at home. I was asked by the charge nurse how I had
got on - so I replied 'left leg first'! It slowly registered with him what I meant
and his first concern was contraception (I was offered condoms -I accepted)
and the second was orgasm. I was told I wouldn't experience one -
WRONG! The bits in between like positions were not discussed. Actions
speak louder than words and practice makes perfect. Don't avoid the
pleasures by building barriers in your mind, especially those put there by
someone else.


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