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Conferences and seminars


Human rights and the vulnerability paradigm in international litigations
Paolo De Stefani, October 2020

Making social Europe really social
Stefano Solari, November 2020

Religion and neoliberalism
Adam Possamai, November 2020

Human Rights and religion: From theoretical framework to empirical research
Giuseppe Giordan, November 2020

Mainstreaming of children’s rights in educational, health and social policies: Italian case study
Matteo Tracchi, November 2020

A case study on children’s rights in Veneto: do services for children satisfy their needs?
Daria Panebianco, November 2020

Racial discrimination in the labour market: Theory and evidence
Arrigo Opocher, November 2020

Human Rights and Sustainable Development
Wouter Vandenhole, November 2020

Human Rights in the Evolving Paradigm of Environmental and Sustainability Law
Odysseas Christou, November 2020

Nanotechnologies and human rights: a binomial for the future management of water criticisms
Gabriella Salviulo, December 2020

Is sustainability a driver of human rights?
Francesca Gambarotto, December 2020

The notion of Vulnerability in Human Rights Discourse
Elena Pariotti, December 2020

Secessionist movements and human rights
Costanza Margiotta, December 2020

Children, education and human rights
Roberta Ricucci, December 2020

The recognition of the other as a pre- requisite for fair market prices
Stefano Solari, January 2021

Religious rights in prisons
Siniša Zrinščak, January 2021

Religious freedom: Defining the concept for empirical research
Giuseppe Giordan, January 2021

Finding & funding research opportunities
Roberta Ricucci, January 2021

Measuring social perception of religious freedom
Olga Breskaya, February 2021

Covid-19 and the right to health
Roberto De Vogli, February 2021

Introduction to NVivo
Francesca Cimino, February 2021

Scientific journals ranking systems
Adam Possamai, March 2021

Humanitarian Diplomacy
Magdalena Ratajczak, March 2021

The content of human rights as a conceptual issue
Elena Pariotti, May 2021

Tentative title: Media and human rights, from theory to empirical researchking social Europe really social
Magdalena Ratajczak, May 2021



Methodology: Research design
Olga Breskaya, October 2019

Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising and Training on Human Rights in Peacekeeping missions. A police perspective
Pier Paolo Sinconi, October 2019

Religious freedom in pluralistic societies
Enzo Pace, October 2019

Methodology: From definition to a conceptual model
Olga Breskaya, October 2019

Tips on How to Improve Your Writing in English
Donna Greschner, October 2019

Freedom of expression in the case-law of the ECtHR: more questions than answers
Oleg Soldatov, November 2019

Methodology: Operationalization process
Olga Breskaya, November 2019

Methodology: Selecting methods
Olga Breskaya, November 2019

Methodology: Practicing methods
Olga Breskaya, November 2019

Ethics of research in social sciences
Barbara Santibanez, February 2020

Research object and research methods in social sciences
Sara Tonini, April 2020

Examples of research plans - learning by mistakes
Sara Tonini, April 2020

Interactive session: discussing research projects
Sara Tonini, April 2020


An introduction to the economics of labour market discrimination
Arrigo Opocher, November 2018

Conflicting human rights
Paolo De Stefani, November 2018

Human Rights: Definition and Challenges. An Overview
Elena Pariotti, November 2018

Multi-level governance in perspective – I, II, III, IV, V
Léonce Bekemans, November 2018 - May 2019

Social impacts of microfinance: evidence from Nepal
Bharat Singh Thapa, November 2018

International conference and panels: “Cities, territories and the struggles for human rights: a 2030 perspective”, November 2018

Women’s human rights
Paola Degani, December 2018

Critical race theory and legal theory
Costanza Margiotta, December 2018

Initiatives for the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Palazzo Bo), December 2018

Religion and Human Rights: A case study on refugee crisis in Croatia and Italy
Giuseppe Giordan, January 2019

Mainstreaming of childrens’ rights: multi-level governance perspective
Aida Kisunaite, February 2019

A fresh sight on the CRC, and beyond
Ton Liefaard, February 2019

How to use Endnote
Ling Han, February 2019

How to do Social Research
Andrea Sciandra, February 2019

Quantitative Methods
Andrea Sciandra, March 2019

Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Andrea Sciandra, March 2019

Right to Privacy in China
Wang Kun, March 2019

Focus on some techniques
Andrea Sciandra, March 2019

Education Law in Africa
Ann Skelton, March 2019 

Research on Social Media
Andrea Sciandra, March 2019

Determinants of Health and Human Rights: Evidence and Policies
Roberto Gnesotto, March 2019

Analysis and discussion of PhD candidates’ case studies
Andrea Sciandra, April 2019

One day Seminar / Expert Meeting on: Migrant women at the margin: addressing vulnerabilities in intersectionality, between violence and exploitation, April 2019

European courts and legal reasoning
April 2019

How to Write a Research Paper on Determinants of Health & Human Rights
Roberto De Vogli, April 2019

Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based Policy
Sara Tonini, May 2019

How to Evaluate the Impact of Public Policy on Socioeconomic Rights
Rossella De Falco, May 2019

PhD annual conference. University of Zagreb, "Local governance and human rights In the world of wicked problems", June 2019


PhD Introductory seminars, November 2017

The Role of Human Rights Research: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities, November 2017

Interpreting Religion and Human Rights Beyond the Legal Perspective, December 2017

Multi-level Governance in interdisciplinary perspective: the theory
Multi-level Governance in interdisciplinary perspective: practices
Educational Challenges and Strategies
Intercultural Dialogue: Competences for culturally diverse democratic societies
PhD topics in connection to the MLG perspective
Léonce Bekemans, November 2017-June 2018

Shari’a and Multiple Modernities in Western Countries: Toward a Multi-faith Pragmatic Modern Approach Rather Than a Legal Pluralist One?
Adam Possamai (Western Sydney University), January 2018

Research Methods
Leslie Francis, March 2018

Il ruolo della giustizia internazionale nel processo di pace in Colombia, May 2018

PhD Annual Conference
University of Nicosia, June 2018

PhD Relay Workshop
Assisi, September 2018


PhD Introductory Seminars, November 2016

Human Rights and Multi-level governance
Prof. Léonce Bekemans, Dec 2016-June 2017

"Looking beyond the 50th Anniversary of the Covenants. What Interdependence and Indivisibility of Human Rights?"; December 2016

Seminar on the book “The Spirit Level” and projection of the documentary "The divide"
Prof Wilkinson, prof Pickett, February 2017

Research Methods
Prof Leslie Francis, March 2017

Code name Caesar: inaugurazione, March 2017

EU and fundamental rights in time of austerity
SPGI, April 2016

“New Desaparecidos”. State responsibilities for migrants and asylum seekers’ deaths at sea
Prof Touzenis, April 2017

The Recognition of Social Rights by Courts
Prof Gutierrez, May 2017

Global governance of minority rights
Prof Lennox, May 2017

Redefining genocide: settler colonialism, social death, ecocide
Prof Short, May 2017

Global Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics, and Human Rights, May 2017

Courts and right to health in Latin America
Prof Gutierrez, May 2017

Children on the move
SPGI, June 2017

A right to a standard of living: social and economic rights and the rise of neoliberalism
Prof Whyte, June 2017



PhD Introductory Seminars, November 2015

Research Methods
Prof Leslie Francis, February 2016

Theory and practice of human rights in China. A perspective of development
Prof Yang Songcai, February 2016

Religions and Human Rights, April 2016

Multilevel Public Policy Analysis: An Introduction
Prof Paolo Graziano, April 2016

Neal Hall, the poet of Human Rights, April 2016

Music and Human Rights, April-June 2016


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