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TEMVI: Trafficked and Exploited Minors between Vulnerability and Illegality

The aim of the Start up Conference is to present the purpose, the objectives and the single actions foreseen by the TEMVI Project, introducing the partnership, sharing the activities among each partner and debating on forced criminal activities as a new form of exploitation in human trafficking with a specific focus in the Project countries involved. 

The TEMVI Project, co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union and coordinated by the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua, focuses on the knowledge and the development of best practices in the field of trafficking and forms of severe exploitation of minors within forced criminal activities.

The general objective of the Project is to create a European network, operating in France, Romania, Italy and Hungary aiming at developing knowledge, training, best practices as well as disseminating the products and expected results of the project.

The project will reach these goals through the following actions: 1. A research to be carried out in the 4 countries involved to detect the number of minors and adults possible victims of severe exploitation within forced criminal activities; 2. Analysis and exchange of the results of the research on the phenomenon and on the practices identified; 3. Multi-agency training whose direct beneficiaries are social workers, police officers or other subjects in order to identify human rights-oriented and multi-agency operational procedures; 4. Development of models of operational multi-agency protocols; 5. Local experimentation of the operational; 6. Raising awareness and dissemination.

The Project partnership include: Association ALC, Hungarian Baptist Aid, ADPARE, Municipality of Venice, Equality, Volontarius, Nuovi Vicini, Associazione La Strada - Der Weg e Azalea, Divisione Nazionale Antimafia, International Organization for Migration Hungary, Cinformi, Gruppo R, Bolzano Autonomous Province, Punto d’Approdo, Comunità dei Giovani, Centro Caritas Arcidiocesi Udine, La Tenda, Welcome, Municipality of Trento.

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