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International Human Rights Day at the University of Padua, 10 December 2014: We have a Right to Peace

On 10 December 2014, the Human Rights Centre celebrated the Human Rights Day 2014, focusing on the issue “We have a right to peace”. The event took place at 10.30 am, at Aula Magna “Galileo Galilei” of the University of Padua.

Mayors, professors, students, volunteers in Civil Service and representatives of non-governmental organisations participated in the event, committed to building peace from the bottom. They tried to make their voice directly heard by the United Nations, which is conducting informal consultations on the finalisation of the text of the United Nations Declaration on the Right to Peace.

At the end of the event the Call for the international recognition of peace as a fundamental right, addressed to the UN Human Rights Council and to the Italian Governement, was presented and approved.


Last update 16/12/2014