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Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions: Annual Report

GANHRI, the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, has published its 2021 Annual Report.

National human rights institutions are State bodies with a constitutional and/or legislative mandate to protect and promote human rights. They operate independently from the State and from the government. NHRIs monitor and report on the human rights situation in their country. They assist their State to meet its international human rights obligations and provide advice so that international human rights standards are implemented at the national level. NHRIs investigate human rights violations and support victims seeking justice and redress. They also lead human rights education programmes to counter the attitudes and behaviours that can lead to violence and discrimination.

Regarding the present report, it should be noted that the past year has presented serious challenges for NHRIs in all parts of the globe. New waves of the COVID-19 pandemic saw national lockdowns and other restrictions continue, limiting how NHRIs could connect with the communities they serve and forcing changes in nearly every aspect of their work.

Among the key points of the past 12 months the report highlights the following:
In collaboration with partners, the Global Alliance provided ongoing support for NHRIs during the pandemic through a programme of webinars, an online community of practice and a dedicated knowledge exchange session at the 2021 Annual Meeting.
With input from NHRIs, regional networks and other UN and civil society partners, GANHRI finalised the Global Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders and Civic Space.
GANHRI convened the NHRIs Caucus on Climate Change and facilitated an NHRIs Symposium in November, which delivered an important human rights perspective to global leaders at the COP26 discussions.
GANHRI addressed international fora on behalf of NHRIs and contributed to the 2021 resolution on NHRIs, which, for the first time, included specific reference to NHRIs participation at the UN Economic and Social Council.
In coordination with regional networks and partners, GANHRI responded to cases of threats and reprisals against NHRIs, including support for Afghanistan’s NHRI following the Taliban’s military takeover in August.

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