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Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights: Straniak Academy for Democracy and Human Rights 2015 in Ulcinj/Montenegro, 6-19 September 2015

Applications are now open for the third edition of Straniak Academy for Democracy and Human Rights 2015, held in Ulcinj/Montenegro from 6 to 19 September 2015.

Straniek Academy was founded in 2013 by Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights in cooperation with the Law and Sociology Faculties of the University of Wien, and the Law and Political Science Faculties of the University of Montenegro.

The aim of the Academy is to promote studies about democracy, human rights and rule of law in the higher education of Western Balkan countries. The Academy’s target audience are graduating students with different academic backgrounds and graduate students at the beginning of their carrier, since the Academy establishes a link between the academic world and the world of work through an interdisciplinary and interactive format.

The Academy's two weeks long programme concentrates on specific fields of studies, and includes courses and seminars on different topics such as the concept of democracy in a globalized world, the international and regional instruments of human rights (United Nations, Council of Europe, European Union), the relevance of the rule of law, the efficiency of legal systems and other topics related to human rights.

After successfully completing the exam, each student will get a certificate of participation, moreover acquired credits will be recognised within ECTS system according to the level of studies and in respect to the curriculum of the faculty and university.

The application session is open until 21 June 2015. Further information of the detailed programme and the registration method are available in the resources box below.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute is an independent research centre founded in 1992 by three law professors of the University of Vienna with the aim of contributing in scientific debates about human rights both on national, European and international level.