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National Ombudsperson for Detainees: presentation of the collection of recommendations "Norms and normality"

The  National Ombudsperson for the Rights of Persons in Prison or Deprived of Liberty presents "Norms and normality" , a collection of recommendations addressed to the Prison Administration. 

The presentation took place on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 3:00 pm in Rome at the Institute of the Italian Treccani Encyclopedia. Following the greetings by Mauro Palma, President of the National Ombudsperson Authority, the text was presented by Claudia Sisti of the Criminal Office of the National Ombudsperson's Office and discussed by Giovanni Fiandaca (University of Palermo), Paolo Benvenuti (Roma Tre University) and Cinzia Calandrino (Prison Administration Provincial for Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise), with the  presence of the Minister of Justice, Andrea Orlando.

The collection of recommendations is the first step in the production of a standard of detention concerning the various areas of deprivation of liberty and taking into account the international standards applicable to the Italian legal system.The text was drawn up following the visits made to 59 detention institutions, in the various sections of all levels of specialty and security, including all sections of 41-bis (special detention regime introduced by law 10 October 1936, n. 663).

The  National Ombudsperson for detainees, introduced into Italian law by decree law December 23, 2013 n. 146 and active since February 2016, is a collateral, independent, non-judicial guarantee authority that has the function of monitoring all forms of deprivation of liberty.

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