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A young boy plays at the school field of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir University Campus in Muzaffarabad that has now been turned into a make-shift shelter. The University was destroyed during the October 8 earthquake that hit northern Pakistan.
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Proposal for internships at the Human Rights Centre for students of the Master degree courses in human rights of the University of Padua

The University Human Rights Centre has launched three internship positions for students of the Master degree courses in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance and Institutions and Policies of Human Rights and Peace.

The internship will consist of 225 working hours (9CFU), distributed over the period April-September 2015.

The internship project will engage students in the areas of research and communication on human rights.

In particular, the internship will include the following tasks: update the different sections of the website of the Center (Italian and English versions); draftnews and news bulletin; updating databases on human rights; manage social media and production of media contents; follow-up of the campaign for the international recognition of the human right to peace; support to the secretariat for the organization of conferences and events.

Further information on the internship and on how to submit your application is available in the section “Stage and Tirocini” on the website of the University of Padua.

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