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Photo on the subject of violence against women in East Timor. Black and white image of the faded silhouette and hand of a woman.
© UN Photo/Martine Perret

“Social protection, territory and human rights. Which future for multi-agency operative models regarding counter-trafficking”, Venice, 21 may 2010.

On 21 may 2010, at Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, will take place the Conference “Protezione Sociale, Territorio e Diritti umani. Quali prospettive per la costruzione di modelli operativi multi-agenzia in materia di contrasto alla tratta” (Social protection, territory and human rights. Which future for multi-agency operative models regarding counter-trafficking), organised by the municipality of Venice, in cooperation with the Procura della Repubblica (Public Prosecutor office) at the Court of Venice, the Questura (Police headquarter) of Venice and the Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples of University of Padua.
After ten years experiencing the application of social protection for victims of trafficking, as provided by art. 18 of T.U. Immigrazione (Comprehensive law on immigration), as well as first assistance projects, provided by art. 13 of law 228 of 2003, this meeting is aimed at:

·showing the results of the research lead during the past years;

·evaluating the operative model based on multi-agency network oriented toward a human rights-approach;

·being the fittest situation to contribute to a necessary reflexion between policy-makers and officials managing counter-trafficking intervention system, in order to reach an implemented referral national system to help victims of trafficking. A national system that keeps clear that the phenomenon of traffickingh as an evolving dynamic, having connections with illegal immigrations aimed at exploitation.

The seminar is dedicated to a maximum of 200 persons amongst government officials, law enforcement officers and personnel, judicial authority personnel, social-field operators working in healing to victims of human-trafficking and severe exploitation.

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