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Humanitas podcast

The Student Engagement Team launches a new podcast

The Student Engagement Team (SET), a social promotion association established by a group of master’s degree students from the Human Rights and Multilevel Governance (HRG) program at the University of Padua, has launched a podcast series “Humanitas”. The aim is to create a space for human rights advocates to discuss developments within the field and tips on how to make human rights more accessible.

Humanitas Podcast stems from the desire to bring the human back at the centre of human rights communication and to talk about human rights in the most accessible, inclusive and original possible way. The podcast contains twelve episodes presented by four hosts, all of whom are students from the HRG program. The topics covered in the podcast are: Communication in human rights and the right to education; Racism and access to equal rights; Art and Human Rights; Digital Privacy Rights.

The podcast is available free of charge on the Audio collections page of this and on the SET websites