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York Human Rights Indicator Report 2020: Covid-19 and Human Rights

The York Human Rights City Network (YHRCN) publishes an annual report on the city. As the United Kingdom’s first Human Rights City, York embraces a vision of a vibrant, diverse, fair and safe community built on the foundations of universal human rights. The YHRCN has developed annual reports, since 2016, with indicators to measure York’s progress towards dealing with these key human rights. For 2020, the focus was on the impacts of, and responses to, COVID-19. 

The York Human Rights 5th Indicator Report 2020 demonstrated that the learning process involved in being a Human Rights City requires looking out as well as looking in. York can continue to benefit from sharing experiences, lessons learnt and best practices relating to COVID-19 and other issues from cities elsewhere, including a new European-led Human Rights Cities Network.

The York Human Rights City Network is a civil society partnership formed in 2011, hosted jointly by York CVS (Centre for Voluntary Service) and the Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) at the University of York. The Steering Group comprises representatives from civil society organisations working in each of the five priority rights areas.

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