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What's new in Human Rights Doctoral Research - A Collection of critical literature reviews

AA.VV. (2021)

Tipologia pubblicazione

: Ph.D Candidates Series


: Volume IV

Casa editrice

: Padova University Press


: Padova


: 136


: 978 - 88 - 6938 - 244 - 4


: EN


Edited by Pietro de Perini and Paolo De Stefani

This book collects six state-of-the-art analyses prepared by students enrolled in two human rights doctoral programmes. In most of the domains explored in this volume, a comprehensive human rights theory or a human rights lens, is not yet available. The challenge that researchers had to undertake was therefore dual: to seek in the academic literature what theoretical conceptualisations have been developed to investigate a given problem, but also – and maybe more significantly – to select, shape and pre-comprehend social and political dynamics so as to make a human rights scholarly inquiry meaningful and productive.

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