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What's new in Human Rights Doctoral Research - A Collection of critical literature reviews

AA.VV. (2024)

Tipologia pubblicazione

: Ph.D Candidates Series


: VI

Casa editrice

: Padova University Press


: Padova


: 255


: 978-88-6938-395-3


: EN


Edited by Pietro de Perini and Paolo De Stefani

This book collects seven state-of-the-art analyses prepared by students enrolled in human rights programmes at the University of Padova and in partner universities. Departing from a variety of legal, sociological, philosophical and policy analysis approaches, and often considering the benefit of interdisciplinarity, the literature review works presented by these early career doctoral students critically address an heterogeneous set of core human rights-related themes: from the management of migration and inclusion policies to climate change implications; from the changing role of religion in society to the treatment of minorities; from the expansion of universal jurisdiction in criminal prosecution, to developments and comparability of transitional justice approaches.

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