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Zam Zam Refugee camp in Darfur.
© UN Photo/Tim McKulka

Children's rights: study opportunity in Switzerland

The Master of Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights (MCR), a two year post-graduate training programme on children’s rights, organised conjointly by the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), in Sion (Switzerland) and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), is accepting auditors to participate at one or several modules of the programme.

The next Module on the theme ‘Children in contact with the law’ will be held at the University Institute Kurt Bösch, in Sion (Switzerland) from 3 to 7 March 2014 and will deal with juvenile justice matters.

Via lectures and discussion groups, an overview of the relevant international legal framework will be presented. Juvenile Justice reform programmes will be discussed, as well as recent trends in criminological research and practices of intervention that aim at reducing juvenile delinquency and improve justice. Attention will also be paid on ‘child friendly justice’ in civil and penal proceeds, and issues on child access to justice and child hearing in judicial proceeding will be addressed.

The fees to attend the Module as an auditor amount to 2.000 CHF which does not include travel expenses, housing and meals. Applications are due before 14 February 2014.

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