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International Shelter City Workshop 2018, Tbilisi 24-26 September

Tbilisi International Shelter City Workshop 2018, 24-26 September

The Shelter City Network has organized the International City Shelter Workshop, which will be held from Monday 24 September to Wednesday 26 September in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The three-days workshop will be an occasion to discuss about developing an international city-based relocation and resilience network for human rights defenders. The place of the workshop is in itself a victory: Shelter City Tbilisi, which is part of the Shelter City Network, is the first international Shelter City hub to support human rights defenders outside of the Netherlands. Founded in 2016 by a group of Georgian and Ukrainian human rights defenders, the Tbilisi Shelter City responds to the need of making provisions for human rights defenders’ safety in this difficult region.

The initiative is supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Netherlands, Tbilisi Shelter City and Peace and Justice: the latter is a non-profit organisation, based in The Hague, that is dedicated to defending and promoting respect for human rights and social justice, worldwide and in the Netherlands, since 1968. Peace and Justice Netherland has created the Shelter City Network, which provides vital support to human rights defenders at risk with temporary relocation, the opportunity to take a break, expand their network, and access security trainings, so that they can continue their work safely and effectively over the longer term.