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The Future of the European Union

"The Future of the European Union": international Jean Monnet colloquium, University of Geneva, May 10th-11th 2016

"The Future of the European Union": this is the topic of the international Jean Monnet colloquium organized by the Global Studies Insistute wich will take place on May 10th-11th 2016 at the University of Geneva.

The programme is divided in two sessions dedicated to "The future of the eurozone" and to "Projects for a political union".

During the Jean Monnet Conference on european studies promoted in Bruxelles by the European Commission in october 2014, the former President of the European Commission Josè Manuel Barroso, has invited all the Professors to present proposals on the future of the European Union.

Among the numerous proposals arrived in Bruxelles, some have been selected, including the one from the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua on the topic: " Cuius Europa, eius civitas. For a uniform european law on citizenship".

During the colloquium in Geneva the selected proposals will be illustrated at the presence  of the former President of the European Commission.

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