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UNESCO new webinar series: Decolonising Education for Sustainable Futures

The UNESCO Chair on Inclusive and Quality Education for All and the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) of the University of Bristol convene a new webinar series: Decolonising Education for Sustainable Futures.

This series goes in line with UNESCO's Future of Education initiative which aims to reimagine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet by equipping learners with diverse ways of being and knowing. Yet much of the knowledge, values and skills that we are expected to learn in formal education systems have been Eurocentric in nature. However, social movements have called for education to be decolonised and for diverse knowledge systems to be the basis for realising equitable and sustainable futures.
In the context of the current crisis, this series is intended to highlight the importance of recognising epistemic justice as a condition for realising social and environmental justice in and through education and training.

The series consists of three 1.5 hour online seminars:

1. Connecting decolonial and sustainable futures in education: 10 February 2021, 13-14:30 (CET), Professor Leon Tikly (UNESCO Chair in inclusive, good quality education) and Dr Keith Holmes (UNESCO, Future of Learning and Innovation team).

2. From theory to practice: decolonising education for sustainable futures: 17 February 2021, 13-14:30 (CET), Yvette Hutchinson (British Council/ United Kingdom Forum for International Education and Training) and Professor Leon Tikly (UNESCO Chair in inclusive, good quality education).

3. Education’s ‘reparative’ possibilities: responsibilities and reckonings for sustainable futures: 24 February 2021, 18-19:30 (CET), Professor Julia Paulson (Principal Investigator Education Justice and `memory Network) and Professor Arathi Sriprakash (University of Bristol, School of Education).

For more information and registration, please visit the website below.