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Study trip to Geneva of post-graduate students on human rights of the University of Padua (19-23 May 2013)
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University of Padua: first edition of the 1st level Master Course in Gender, Women condition, rights and policies, A.Y. 2014/2015

The University of Padua, in collaboration with the Interdepartmental Research Centre on Gender Studies, organises the first edition of the 1st level Master Course in “Gender, women condition, rights and policies” for the academic year 2014-2015.

The Master, coordinated by Prof. Paola Degani and Prof. Sergio Gerotto, aims to provide the tools for a nonconventional and conscious understanding of some aspects concerning the protection of rights and the promotion of policies about gender and women condition.

The course adopts a multi-disciplinary, mostly political-legal, and multi-level approach. It aims to develop useful knowledge and expertise in the fulfillment of activities that are linked to institutional and civil society bodies that implement gender oriented policies. In particular, the Master will give the opportunity to improve analytical and operational skills on this subject by attending single modules and seminars, with the participation of professors from the University of Padua and from international Universities and experts.

The Master can be attended by anyone who has a BA degree, a specialist degree or a MA degree. It can be useful for the professional and refresher training of people working with gender issues and equal opportunities.

The Master is taught in Italian. For more information, please visit the website in the box below.

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