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In a clearing in the Myinbyin Forest Range, Central Burma, FAO expert J.L. Briggs (right), of Australia, supervises the work as a tractor winches up logs of teak wood and hauls them away to the dispatch point.

The production of agrofuels: the impact on the environment

The agricultural practices linked to the agrofuels production raises some concerns related to the environmental protection, in particular as to:...

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Woman cutting grass to feed cattle in Lamaku, eastern Nepal

The worldwide production of agrofuels

During the last years, the demand of agrofuels has grown exponentially. Their production and use has increased thanks to the...

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American interns Kathleen Kruckenberg (on the left) and Talin Galoosian (on the right)

U.S. Platforms on International Treaties Legal Instruments (2009)

During their internship at the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua, Talin Galoosian (University of California San Diego)...

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The Evolution, Status and Future Position of American Environmental Policy: environmental action at the domestic level and in the context...

While studying abroad at the University of Padua for the 2009-2010 academic year, Ryan Johnson (University of California San Diego)...

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USA: Main University Research Centres for Peace and Human Rights (2007)

This is a short guide to the main university research centres, public and private, which are active in the United...

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Disused cars piled in a junkyard, an example of environmental damage in the United States. Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina, taken on 1 January 1975.


This conclusion makes a final evaluation of current American environmental policy and its progression, above all ideologically, with the change...

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President of the United States Barack Obama speaks to the General Assembly of the United Nations during a debate, 2009

The Obama Administration & Copenhagen

This section focuses on the environmental policy of the Obama Administration, evaluates Obama's efforts at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference...

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Former President of the United States George W. Bush with Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

The Clear Skies Act of 2003 & The Bush Administration

This section presents the environmental policy of the Bush Administration in relation to the international Kyoto Protocol. Centered on the...

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Air pollution coming from an industrial building in New York City.

Environmental Policy of the United States of America

This section focuses on the early developments of American environmental policy and the current process of formulation and implementation of...

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The official logo for UN constituted by the polar stereographic projection of the globe surrounded by two laurel branches

Evolution of an “International” Environmental Policy

A summary of select major events in collaborative international environmental action and discussion. Each event is introduced by some brief...

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon attends a resumed session at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.


This preface serves to outline the project's focus and aims in the context of contemporary events in international environmental...

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