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All things being equal. Perspectives on disability and development

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: World Vision UK


: Milton Keynes


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foreword 2 
setting the international scene – rights, rhetoric, reality Dr Bengt Lindqvist UN Special Rapporteur on Disability

introduction 4
Helen Foakes and Helen RymanPolicy, World Vision UK

‘towards a level playing field’ 7
a call for action to make development programmes more inclusive Jane Betts and Jonathan FlowerProgramme Development, World Vision UK

‘we are children too!’ 13
are disabled children included in the rights agenda? Rachel Hurst OBE Disability Awareness in Action Gerison Lansdown Rights for Disabled Children

a unified voice for disability rights 19
actively campaigning for change in Uganda Benon Ndaziboneye
National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

rethinking ‘care’ from the perspective of disabled people 23
World Health Organisation recommendations to member states (draft)
introduced by Professor Colin Barnes Centre for Disability Studies, Leeds University

the participation of disabled people through self-help organisations 29
ASM Mosharraf Hossain Action on Disability and Development, Bangladesh

perspectives on disability and spirituality 34
Hugh Nelson
L’Arche Community
An anonymous poet

list of acronyms 36


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