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Becoming an inclusive, learning-friendly environment (ILFE)

Booklet 1

UNESCO, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau (2004)


: ONU - Nazioni Unite

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Booklet 1 describes what is an inclusive, learning-friendly environment (ILFE) and what are its benefits for teachers, children, parents, and communities. It also will help you to identify the ways in which your school may already be inclusive and learning-friendly, as well as those areas that may need more improvement. It will provide you with ideas about how to plan for these improvements, as well as how to monitor and evaluate your progress.

1.1 What is an ILFE and Why is It Important? 
- What Do We Mean by “Inclusive” and “Learning-Friendly”?
- What are the Important Elements of an ILFE?
- What are the Benefits of an ILFE?

1.2 Where are We Now?
- Is Our School Already an ILFE?
- How Can Our School Become an ILFE?
- How to Create and Sustain Change

1.3 Steps to Becoming an ILFE
- How to Plan on Becoming an ILFE
- How to Monitor Our Progress

1.4 What Have We Learned?


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