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Employment of People with Disabilities: A Human Rights Approach (Asia)

Report of a Tripartite Technical Consultation

ILO Skills and Employability Department, Irish Aid (2006)


: ONU - Nazioni Unite

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: Bangkok


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: 978-92-2-118789-9


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Abstract / Indice dei contenuti


I. Introduction

II. Overview

2.1 Themes

2.2 Participants

2.3 ILO Participants

2.4 Resource Materials

III. Official Opening

IV. Thematic Presentations

4.1 Employment of People with Disabilities – Moving towards a Human Rights Approach

4.1.1 What is a rights-based approach and can it be used in practice

4.1.2 General overview on national and international legislation

4.1.3 Moving towards a human rights approach – key considerations

4.1.4 Plenary discussion

4.2 What have governments been doing nationally and regionally to promote a human rights approach to the employment of persons with disabilities

4.2.1 The Asia-Pacific Experience

4.2.2 Experiences from ILO and UN supervision

4.2.3 Developing and enforcing rights-based legislation – effective consultation, monitoring and enforcement mechanisms

4.2.4 Plenary discussion

4.3 Media and communication strategies promoting the rights of people with disabilities

4.3.1 Framing misconceptions and discrimination

4.3.2 Use video to change attitudes

4.3.3 Get your message through in the media

4.3.4 Plenary discussion

V. Panel Session on Promoting Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities–what is the way forward?

5.1 Promoting the rights of disabled people in society - Viet Nam

5.2. Trade union support to disabled workers - China

5.3 Lobbying to improve disability related laws - Mongolia

5.4. Motivating employers to recruit disabled people - Thailand

5.5 Assisting disabled people to find employment - Thailand

5.6 Plenary discussion

VI. Working Groups

6.1 Actions required of government

6.2 Actions required of social partners and disabled persons’


6.3 Coordinated, national actions

VII. Next Steps

Annex I. List of Participants

Annex II. Programme for the tripartite technical consultation


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