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European Human Rights Report 2019

Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities to equality and non-discrimination in the European Union

Marine Uldry, An-Sofie Leenknecht (2019)


: ONG - Società civile

Tipologia documento

: Rapporto


: European Disability Forum


: Brussels


: 92


: EN

Abstract / Indice dei contenuti


This new issue on ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities to equality and nondiscrimination in the European Union comes at a significant time. 2018 marked the universal ratification of the CRPD in the European Union – it is now ratified by the EU and all its Member States – and the adoption by the CRPD Committee of General Comment No. 6 on Equality and Non-Discrimination, which brings more clarity on States Parties’ obligations under the Convention. Sadly, 2018 also marked the 10th anniversary of the European Commission’s proposal for an EU directive prohibiting discrimination in access to goods and services, education, social protection and health (“Horizontal Equal Treatment Directive”), currently blocked at the Council by EU Member States. At both EU and national level, important and complementary roles are to be played in ensuring equality of persons with disabilities, as required by the CRPD. In this context, the findings of this report will influence our work on equality and the Horizontal Equal Treatment Directive.


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