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Implementation manual for the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

World Network Of Users And Survivors Of Psychiatry (2008)


: ONG - Società civile

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: Manuale


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Abstract / Indice dei contenuti


Introduction 3

Our participation in the drafting and negotiation of the convention 4

How to use this manual 6

Guide to the text 7

1. Highlights of the convention: q and a 7

2. Guide to terminology, definitions and descriptions 9

3. The principles of the convention 10

4. Summary of the provisions in the convention and guide to implementation 12

How can we accomplish what needs to be done? 29

1. Positive measures relating to key articles of the convention 29

2. Develop organizations and support for users and survivors to oppose coercive psychiatry 42

3. Develop and maintain a network with other disability rights activists 42 4.

Develop government support for the convention 42

5. Educate ourselves about human rights [to be added] 42

6. Develop relationships with the media [to be added] 42

Monitoring 43

Appendices 47


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