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The Casablanca Declaration

The Casablanca Declaration of the Arab Human Rights Movement. Adopted by the First International Conference of the Arab Human Rights Movement Casablanca, 23-25 April, 1999.

Arab Human Rights Movement (1999)


: Lega Araba

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: Risoluzione / Dichiarazione / Raccomandazione


: Casablanca


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At the invitation of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, and hosted by the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights, the First International Conference of the Arab Human Rights Movement: Prospects for the Future, was held in Casablanca from 23 to 25 April, 1999, to examine the human rights conditions in the Arab world, and the responsibilities, tasks and prospects of the Arab human rights movement.

After extensive discussions, the Conference declared that the only source of reference in this respect is international human rights law and the United Nations instruments and declarations. The Conference also emphasized the universality of human rights.


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