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Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

AA - Author  (1981)


: Lega Araba

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: Risoluzione / Dichiarazione / Raccomandazione


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Abstract / Indice dei contenuti




I Right to Life

II Right to Freedom

III Right to Equality and Prohibition Against Impermissible Discrimination

IV Right to Justice

V Right to Fair Trial

VI Right to Protection Against Abuse of Power

VII Right to Protection Against Torture

VIII Right to Protection of Honour and Reputation

IX Right to Asylum

X Rights of Minorities

XI Right and Obligation to Participate in the Conduct and Management of Public Affairs

XII Right to Freedom of Belief, Thought and Speech

XIII Right to Freedom of Religion

XIV Right to Free Association

XV The Economic Order and the Rights Evolving Therefrom

XVI Right to Protection of Property

XVII Status and Dignity of Workers

XVIII Right to Social Security

XIX Right to Found a Family and Related Matters

XX Rights of Married Women

XXI Right to Education

XXII Right of Privacy

XXIII Right to Freedom of Movement and Residence

Explanatory Notes

Glossary of Arabic Terms



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