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Considerazioni sul regime giuridico applicato ai contingenti militari in Afghanistan: legittima difesa, uso della forza e regole di ingaggio

Federico Sperotto (2010)

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Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 3/2010

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Some Aspects of the Legal Regime Applicable to Military Contingents in Afghanistan: Self-Defense, Use of Force and Rules of Engagement

Federico Sperotto

In Afghanistan, 47 countries participate, at the request of the Afghan government, in the UN-mandated NATO-led ISAF operation. Italy is also involved with an expeditionary force deployed in the west region. While commanders and individuals retain an inherent right of selfdefense, the security situation in Afghanistan potentially justifies the offensive use of force in pursuance of UN-mandated mission objectives. NATO provides guidance on the use of force for mission accomplish ment and self-defense. However, troops of contributing nations remain under the authority of the respective national law and caveats. The article discusses some issues concerning the use of lethal force from the Italian criminal law perspective.

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