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Diritti umani e intercultura: per un’educazione al dialogo nell’epoca della globalizzazione

Margherita Cestaro (2004)

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Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 2/2004

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: Articolo / Saggio


: 71-98


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Human rights and interculture: for dialogue education in the era of globalisation
Margherita Cestaro

In the present international context, in which dualism in approaching relations between peoples is becoming radically antinomic, the recognition of the crucial role that education to dialogue with differences can play, becomes more and more important.
Human rights and intercultural dialogue constitute the key terms of the observations proposed by the author. The trans-culturality of human rights, as a universal educative language, permits to lay the foundations for a genuine inter-cultural dialogue. The implementation of the ethical principle of the dialogue dimension entails focusing on solidarity and listening the «other» as core values, in order to create an effective global human community in the current process of globalisation. In this respect, the author presents the result of a project called «Progetto Arlecchino», carried out in the municipality of Mirano (Italy).

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