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E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 1998/1999

AA.VV. (2001)

Tipologia pubblicazione

: Volume


: 1998/1999

Casa editrice

: Marsilio


: Venezia


: EN


The five E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 1998/1999 are:

Annalisa Creta, Recent Trends in the International Protection of Internally Displaced Persons

Maca Hourihane, International Humanitarian Law and United Nations: International Committee of the Red Cross and Human Rights: Making the Connections through New Conflicts

Ralf Jansen, From Portugal to China – Democracy and Human Rights Protection in Macao after the 20th December 1999

Annika Sandlund, The Right of Property: Contested Meanings, Contested Claims

Andraz Zidar, The European Court of Human Rights and The Question of Remediesù

E.MA Awarded Theses Collection

In September 2000, the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation has launched a new publication: The E.MA Awarded Theses for each Academic Year.
Each academic year the E.MA Council selects 5 outstanding theses for this annual publication on the basis of their academic quality, originality, and contribution to the promotion and implementation of human rights and democratic values.

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