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E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 1999/2000

AA.VV. (2001)

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: Volume


: 1999/2000

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: Marsilio


: Venezia


: EN


The five E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 1999/2000 are:

Mats Lindfelt, Non-derogable rights and states of emergency: doctrine of treaty-monitoring bodies and identification of non-derogable rights using the link between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law

Nuala Ni Mhuircheartaigh, The half-light and shadows: Criminal Deportation from the State of Refugee under Refugee and Human Rights Law. With special reference to the United States and subsidiary examination of the Federal Republic of Germany

Nel Ruigrok, Ethnic Cleansing. How the Media introduced a new term into International Law?

Katia Schemmann, Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Hans Vermeersch, Democracy and inequality in a global context: Whether and under what circumstances democracy, in comparison to other forms of government, can lead to a more equal society: statistical analysis

E.MA Awarded Theses Collection

In September 2000, the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation has launched a new publication: The E.MA Awarded Theses for each Academic Year.
Each academic year the E.MA Council selects 5 outstanding theses for this annual publication on the basis of their academic quality, originality, and contribution to the promotion and implementation of human rights and democratic values.

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