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E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 2000/2001

AA.VV. (2001)

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: Volume


: 2000/2001

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: Marsilio


: Venezia


: EN


The five E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 2000/2001 are:

Victor Bojkov, The European Union and Democratisation in Small European States: Selected Case Studies From Southern, Central and Southeastern Europe

Anna Crawford, Child War Criminals. Is it Possible to Prevent Child Soldiers Being Held Criminally Responsible for War Crimes whilst also Satisfying the Right to Justice in Sierra Leone?

Emanuele Fantini, How Water Flows through the Veins of Globalisation: Human Right or Economic Commodity? Promoting the Right to Access to Water in the Global Market

Barbara Oliveira, Using the Technique of Trial Observation for the Study of Indigenous Systems. A Contribution for the Process of Recognition of Indigenous Traditional Judicial Systems in Latin America

Katarina Planckaert, Dealing With the Burden of an Authoritarian Past: the Role of the United Nations in Establishing Accountability for Grave Human Rights Violations after a Regime Transition

E.MA Awarded Theses Collection

In September 2000, the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation has launched a new publication: The E.MA Awarded Theses for each Academic Year.
Each academic year the E.MA Council selects 5 outstanding theses for this annual publication on the basis of their academic quality, originality, and contribution to the promotion and implementation of human rights and democratic values.

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