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E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 2001/2002

AA.VV. (2003)

Tipologia pubblicazione

: Volume


: 2001/2002

Casa editrice

: Marsilio


: Venezia


: EN


The five E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 2001/2002 are:

Asif Afridi, Unveiling Islam in the media: a critical examination of the under-representation of Islam in British media

Laure Amoyel, Mainstreaming human rights in the European Investment Bank

José Marìa Arraiza, Serb Participation in the provisional institutions of self-government of Kosovo

Christina Binder, Indigenous peoples and their lands. International standards and Domestic implementation. The case of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua

Elizabeth Mcarthur, Liberty and security: the state’s dilemma. September 11th and the UK response to terrorism

E.MA Awarded Theses Collection

In September 2000, the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation has launched a new publication: The E.MA Awarded Theses for each Academic Year.
Each academic year the E.MA Council selects 5 outstanding theses for this annual publication on the basis of their academic quality, originality, and contribution to the promotion and implementation of human rights and democratic values.

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