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European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation

Six years of E.MA activities and beyond

AA.VV. (2003)

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: Padova-Venezia


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This booklet is modest in form, but rich and ambitious in substance.

It counts the story of six years life of the European Master Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation, a wonderful academic undertaking, still growing in quality and world-wide visibility, that was made bossible by the co-operative work of a group of prestigious universities and by the huge support provided by the European Union institutions, the Region Veneto, and the Municipality of Venice.

Thanks to the endeavours of Corinna Greco, of the E.MA Staff, we have collected the most significant data regarding the work done since 1997, indeed a considerable amount of E.MA empirical evidence.

The E.MA experience, that has deeply marked my academic and civic life, is summarised by chronological flashes in the introductory essay. E.MA philosophy, structure and pedagogy are more comprehensively highlighted in the essays written by those Colleagues who have shared with me inspiration, enthusiasm and so much work: Horst Fischer and Manfred Nowak, as Chairs of the E.MA Governing Bodies, George Ulrich as the Academic Co-ordinator.

Daniela Napoli, who has long time responsible for the Unit on Human Rights and Democratisation of the European Commission, and one of the major inspirers of the overall E.MA undertaking, offers a European view that is both institutional and passionately committed. Elisabetta Noli, being at the heart of both the E.MA Staff and strategy, provides a refreshing completion to the overall picture.

I thank all of them for the additional thoughtful service to our common enterprise.

Antonio Papisca

E.MA Programme Director, 1997-2003

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