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L’apport du Partenariat euroméditerranéen à la société civile dans le sud de la Méditerranée. Étude de cas: la Ligue tunisienne des droits de l’homme

C. Intercultural Dialogue and EU-Mediterranean Partnership (Malta Team)

Jinan Limam (2007)

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Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship

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: 403-422


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This paper traces the contribution made by the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership to civil society in the Southern Mediterranean. It uses the case study of the Tunisian League for Human Rights. It points to the treatment of the League in Tunisia and the action taken by the EU institutions in support. The author’s concern is for the independence of civil society organisations. She records the difficulties faced by civil society and the League in particular and the potential of the action plan to improve the position of civil society in the process, and especially as regards access to funding. The role of the Euro- Mediterranean Human Rights Network is also analysed. The paper then prospects the development of the concept of a Euromed civil society.

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