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Placer les sociétés civiles au coeur du Partenariat renouvelé des defis et des pistes pour l’avenir

C. Intercultural Dialogue and EU-Mediterranean Partnership (Malta Team)

Neila Akrimi (2007)

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Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship

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: Articolo / Saggio


: 277-296


: FR


The paper recognises the lack of a straightforward and unanimous definition of Civil Society (CS) but confirms the diversity and the multiple facets of the CS. The article focus consists in assessing the role that has been given to the CS in order to enhance patterns of cooperation within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP). It has therefore identified a number of challenges and obstacles to CS’s participation in the Euromed arena as a full-blown actor. The article looks at the all-pervasive and hence often under-estimated role of CS. It also examines and assesses the achieved reforms and explores the institutional construct. The final focal point of the paper is an analysis of the new perspectives as regards to the role that should be played by the CS in the EMP. The article has identified several guidelines and suggested number of recommendations in order to explore how to improve the role of the CS in fostering the dialogue between social actors of both shores of the Mediterranean.

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