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Reclaim Our UN

Appeal of the International Seminar on the future of the UN and the International Institutions in preparation of the 5th World Social Forum 2005 in Porto Alegre. Padua, Italy, 19-20 November 2004

Documentazione (2005)

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Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 1/2005

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: Documentazione


: 171-176


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This document has been elaborated, thanks to the contribution of the co-ordinators of the working groups during the International Seminar «Reclaim Our UN» that took place on 19-20 November 2004 in Padua (Italy). The seminar saw the participation of over 600 people representing 25 International networks, 50 national organisations and 284 Italian associations. This is a working document and therefore it is useful for understanding the central elements of the discussion that took place in Padua and for continuing the discussion up to the World Social Forum, that will take place in Porto Alegre from 26 to 30 January.

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