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Rights of peoples and human rights in international law

Anna Michalska (1991)

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Pace, diritti dell'uomo, diritti dei popoli (numero speciale/1991)

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: 31-60


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The preparation of this study, while examining the subject matter, as far as possible, in all its aspects, undoubtedly exceeds the abilities of one author. Even a rough presentation of the problems would call for a thorough analysis and research of an interdisciplinary character. This paper should, therefore, be read keeping in mind the following limitations:

1. Limitations hearing on the merits of the matter. It is the intention here to discuss only selected detailed issues. As far as the remaining questions are concerned, only a catalogue of the problems have been presented as deserving attention from both the scientific and practical points of view. Most of these problems are within the realm of questions which are not explicitly regulated by law and in consequence account for the differing positions in doctrine. Obviously, the list of "problems open to discussion" is by no means exhaustive.

2. Methodological assumptions, to be discussed below in a detailed manner. These methodological assumptions may not be shared by ali. But the objective of this paper is not to answer ali queries and dismiss doubts about the subject matter. The intention is to present in an orderly and systematic way the questions that arise in relation to the subject matter.

3. Limitations related to research perspective. Problems concerning the interrelations between the rights of peoples and human rights can be approached from various angles. Because of her own training the author has favoured the legal approach [...]

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