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Paperback cover of "La difesa civica della Regione del Veneto: un’istituzione per la tutela del cittadino" (the civic defense in the Region of Veneto: an institution for citizen protection), Office of the Ombudsman of the Region of Veneto

Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies: the new Guidelines on unaccompanied foreign Minors

On 19th December 2013, the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has adopted the new Guidelines on unaccompanied foreign...

Last update 29/1/2014
Profile of a student while speaking in a meeting at Wilson Palace, Geneva, Switzerland.

Silk Route Project: scholarships for Central Asian nationals to study at the University of Padua

Funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Programme, the SILKROUTE Project provides international mobility (113 scholarships)...

Last update 17/1/2014
Zam Zam Refugee camp in Darfur.

Children's rights: study opportunity in Switzerland

The Master of Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights (MCR), a two year post-graduate training programme on children’s rights, organised conjointly...

Last update 16/1/2014

EXPO 2015: “Feeding the Planet?” Cycle of seminars and call for papers

In view of the Universal Exposition of Milan, which will take place from May 1st to October 31st 2015 and...

Last update 15/1/2014
Seminar in occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

DPI Italy: two events within the project “The Holocaust of All. Battle of the Memory”

In the framework of the project “The Holocaust of All. Battle of the Memory”, whose main objective is to bring...

Last update 14/1/2014
Front cover of the Italian Yearbook of Human Rights / 2010

Annuario italiano dei diritti umani: the edition 2011 and 2012 are available for download

The first and the second editions of the Annuario italiano dei diritti umani (i.e. the original version, in Italian language,...

Last update 13/1/2014
Picture of volumes of Review Pace diritti umani - Peace human rights, issued by the Human Rights Centre

Review Peace Human Rights: The essays published in 2011 and in 2012 are available for download

All the essays included in the issues of the review Pace diritti umani – Peace Human Rights published in the...

Last update 9/1/2014
House of Representatives

Inter-ministerial Committee for Human Rights: fist plenary session, 9th December 2013

On December 9th 2013 ha been held the first plenary session of the Inter-ministerial Committee for Human Rights. The Committee,...

Last update 13/12/2013
Official badge of the Multinational CiMiC Group. It represents two sylized shaking hands

CIMIC training module for the Master’s Degrees students in human rights of the University of Padua

From Thursday 10 to Tuesday 12 December 2013, a CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) training module is being held for 32 students...

Last update 11/12/2013

National Civil Service: Deadline for application extended for foreigners

The Department for Youth and National Civil Service has extended the deadline for submitting the application for foreigners within the...

Last update 6/12/2013
Dunja Mijatović, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media

OSCE: Statement of the Representative on Freedom of the Media on the Italian Draft Law on defamation

In a letter addressed to the Italian Foreign Minister, Dunja Mijatovic, Representative on Freedom of the Media of the Organization...

Last update 5/12/2013
EuroAtlantic Union Review, cover, 2013

The new EuroAtlantic Union Review is upcoming

In the next few weeks, the number zero of The EuroAtlantic Union Review, published by Cacucci Editore (Bari) and edited...

Last update 18/11/2013
Sigillo dell'Università degli Studi di Padova

International Ambassador of the University of Padua

With decree of 15 November 2013, the Chancellor of the University of Padua has renewed the mandate of the Group...

Last update 18/11/2013

Europe for citizens, human rights, plural citizenship

Altinate- San Gaetano Cultural Center , Padua, Monday 4th november 2013- 3pm Seminar organised by the Human Rights Centre- University...

Last update 31/10/2013

24 October 2013: mobilization in Verona in the context of the First Week of Global Action for the institution of...

In the contest of the first Global Week of Action for the institution of a World Parliament, organized throughout the...

Last update 31/10/2013