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Human Rights and Trafficking in Women and Young People in Europe - Methodological Guide

Dina Nachbaur (2007)

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Human Rights and Trafficking in Women and Young People in Europe

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: Toolkit


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The objective of this Methodological Guide is to provide ideas, how the topic
*Trafficking in Human Beings* can be processed in sessions with young people.
Special emphasis has been placed on a variety of methods and a pertinent
spectrum ranging from playful and creative units to such that promote a specific
and differentiating factual confrontation with the issue in adolescents.
The concept behind these methods is such that they can be helpful in the
planning and execution of workshops as well as in the layout of individual
teaching units. Theoretical knowledge for teachers and students may be
supplemented by other parts of the Toolkit, whereby references are also
provided in respective sections in the method section.
The Methodological Guide is divided into six chapters, each of which stands for
a topical highlight. Comprehensive work with the subject will be particularly
successful, if individual units are selected and consolidated from each chapter.
Special attention should, however, be paid to Chapter 4, which represents the
heart of the collection. [...]

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