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Workshop Multi-level Governance of Intercultural dialogue

Launching Thematic Network Activities: Intercultural dialogue & Multi-level governance

Università di Padova, Palazzo del Bo, Archivio Antico, 23-24 Marzo 2010

Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca e servizi sui diritti della persona e dei popoli - Università degli Studi di Padova

Centro d'Eccellenza Europeo Jean Monnet
“Dialogo interculturale, diritti umani e multilevel governance”


Tuesday 23 rd March

Solemn Session

Welcome Addresses

Giusepp e Zaccaria, Magnifico Rettore, University of Padua

Marco Mascia, Jean Monnet Chair, Director, Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples, University of Padua

Marialuisa Coppola , International Relations and Human Rights Counsellor, Region of Veneto

Léonce Bekema ns, Jean Monnet Chair, Academic coordinator, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Padua

Chaired and introduced by Antonio Pap isca, Jean Monnet Chair ad honorem, University of Padua

Local governance of intercultural dialogue: prospects for 2020

Jean Monnet Public Lecture by Luc Van den Brande, former President Committee of the Regions of the EU

An experienced testimony of European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs)
Paul Breyne, Governor of West Flanders, Belgium

Intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area
Joseph Mifsud, President of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI)

The future of European societies between modernity and post-modernity
Dario Velo, Jean Monnet Professor, Chairman of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Pavia

Handing over of Jean Monnet certificates to students of the Jean Monnet Course “Globalisation and Inclusiveness in the EU”

Tuesday 23 rd March

Session I - Premises for governance of intercultural dialogue

Chaired and introduced by Léonce Bekemans

Cultural and value roots for intercultural dialogue

Peter Xuereb, Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law and European Integration, Chairman of the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, University of Malta

Legal and institutional aspects of governance: cultural and value roots
Antonio Pap isca

Euro-Mediterranean educational space for universal values
Joseph Mifsud

Human rights and interreligious dialogue
Enzo Pace, Chair of Three Religions, Director, Department of Sociology, University of Padua


16.00/16.30 Break

Session II - Governance of intercultural dialogue

Chaired and introduced by Luc Van den Brande

(Multi-) Governance in regional perspective

Frank Delma rtino, Professor Emeritus, University of Leuven

Local governance of intercultural dialogue
Maria Karasinska-Fendler, Research Director, European Institute in Lodz

Civil society participation in intercultural dialogue
Manuel Manonell es, Director of the Office of Barcelona Culture of Peace Foundation

Education to intercultural dialogue
Enrique Banús, Jean Monnet Professor ad personam, International University Catalunya, Barcelona, ECSA World President


Wednesday 24 th March

Session III - Territorial cooperation and EGTC practices

Chaired and introduced by Antonio Pap isca

White Paper on multi-level governance: ateliers and assessment

Hendrik Theunissen, Committee of the Regions, Studies Unit for the monitoring of Cross-Sector Priorities, Brussels

Territorial social responsibility: overview and assessment of good experiences
Luigi Martignetti, Secretary General, European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy (REVES), Brussels

Territorial cooperation: overview and assessment of EGTCs
Hannes Scha ffer, Executive Manager Mecca Consulting, Vienna

Setting up the Euroregion Adriatica
Diego Vecchiato, Director, Department of International Relations and Human Rights, Region of Veneto

Conclusions by Léonce Bekemans

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